Zhambyl Petroleum LLP
approved by Order
No. 0019-А dated 1 November 2009

Zhambyl Petroleum LLP occupational and environmental safety policy aims at injury and accident prevention management, harmful environmental impact decrease during oil operations at Zhambyl area in water area of the Kazakhstani Sector of the Caspian Sea.

The purpose of the Partnership occupational and environmental safety policy is an achievement of the level of leading international oil and gas companies.

The purpose of occupational and environmental safety policy shall be achieved by performance of the following principles:
1. primary priority to occupational safety, safety, fire safety and environmental safety in all business areas;

2. strict compliance with national legislation, ISO 14001 и OHSAS 18001norms and rules related to environmental safety, occupational safety and safety;

3. safe work performance training of the Partnership employees in order to improve occupational and environmental safety skills, competence, awareness, responsibility and culture on a continuous basis;

4. improvement of employees labor quality, conditions and minimization of harmful environmental impact on a continuous basis;

5. survey and application of foreign and local best practices in occupational safety, safety and environmental safety;

6. demand from contractors to comply with the Partnership occupational and environmental safety standards and rules including requirements compliance follow-up.

7. identification, analysis, management and minimization of industrial and ecological risks threatening employees live and health, environment; introduction of the leading and safe, power and resource saving, ecologically friendly and low waste technology.

Development of HSE management System for control over compliance with the above mentioned actions.

The present policy is a subject for continuous analysis and updating due to change of legislation, business area conditions and Partnership activity; open before Partners, state agencies, public and other parties concerned;